Christof ds in Tokyo (Promotional links)

Photo:minimal studio Thessaloniki
by Alexandros Oikonomidis & Kuriakos Cholevas.

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this week event Sat.16.Nov Tokyo

Christof Ds (MinceMusic)
Radio Producer,Promoter
booking management of mincemusic

Christof ds from North Greece (Kavala) is involved in electronic world 2001.
People Known him about his groove mixing with a lot of deep tech w/melodramatic elements and deep house in his sets alongside present
Nu Disco parts ...
He is owner of MinceMusic management and usually make plans for the next project.
Has studied in electronic music production in Thessaloniki since 2008

collaboration artists
like Daniel Bortz,Toky,Nhan Solo,Gabriel Le Mar,Quell,Pan Pot,
Dr Lektroluv,Ticon,Atmos,Son Kite,Miniloque,D-nox & Beckers,Paul Kalkbrenner,,Ison,And.Id,Nikko Mavridis,Lilis Brothers,Themi Undergroove,Costa g,
Echonomist,ThodorisTriantafillou,Fuji,Leoni,Tareq,Tash,Lucky.k and more…
Also some live productions with bands like Alacalica,Cayetano band,The Godfathers,The Burger Project,The Imam Baildi band,Marys Flower Superhead,Liebe and more…under his second project Alternative*Electronica...

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