Bridges For Music - Follow Your Dream (Valentino Barrioseta)

Bridges for Music is a non-profit organization supporting electronic music development in developing countries, leaving a positive impact in disadvantaged communities and helping to raise global awareness about local issues through music!
//We believe electronic music is a universal language that can be used to break down socio-economic boundaries bridging the big gap existing between rich and poor in developing countries//

(co & founder of Bridges For Music org -Valentino Barrioseta)
Valentino Barrioseta worked at Amnesia in Ibiza for a number of years. It was an experience he enjoyed, but the island's hedonistic and sometimes shallow lifestyle left him feeling unfulfilled. He'd long been interested in dance music's capacity to create social change, and he came up with an ambitious plan to start a non-profit organisation based on this very idea. Bridges For Music aimed "to use music as a tool to bridge geographical and social gaps." They set up workshops in South African townships with globally famous DJs like Richie Hawtin, Skrillex and Luciano, events that were warmly welcomed by the local communities. With plans in the works for permanent music spaces in South Africa and beyond, we met with Barrioseta in London to find out how he brought it all together.
Here you can hear Valentino Barrioseta talking about Bridges For Music

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